Protein Packed Mini Pizza

Protein Packed Mini Pizza
13 Aug

Here is a great recipe for mini pizza’s that are packed with protein

You will need:

English Muffins – my favorite is the Master’s brand

Pizza Sauce – they are all pretty much the same, I search for something lower in sodium Gustare Vita is my favorite

Kraft Fat Free Mozzarella – this is the key! The macros are great! For one serving of cheese macros are 9p/2c/0f

Optional: Lean protein: I usually add chicken or lean turkey and any veggies. If adding veggies, you will want to pre-cook them.

Step 1. Toast your English Muffin! These helps keep it from getting soggy, but make sure its just lightly toasted.

Step 2. After toasting, add your pizza sauce, I added 40g of Gustare Vita.

Step 3. Add your toppings, protein, cheese ,veggies. I do a full serving of the cheese and when I add chicken I do 25-50g, depends what I need. That would add an additional 7-15g of protein!

Step 4. Add to air-fryer or roast in the oven to your desired doneness. I like mine nice and crispy!

Total macros without adding chicken: 13.7p 32.6c 1.8f