The Scale

10 Apr

The scale  That small square thing that sits in the corner of your bathroom that you cringe every time you see…yes I am talking about the dreaded scale!!! We all have it in our minds that we need to step on the scale daily to make sure we are either losing weight or not gaining […]

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Client Spotlight: Amber

04 Apr

We are so incredibly proud of Evolve Fitness member Amber. She has put in the work and she is crushing her goals! Six months ago Amber joined Evolve Fitness and hired Jenna Fischer as her personal trainer for one on one training two times a week. Before joining Evolve Fitness and hiring a trainer Amber […]

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Cinnamon Blondie PB Protein Balls

11 Mar

Who doesn’t love a good protein recipe, especially when it involves peanut butter?!   This has become one of my favorite protein ball recipes that I recommend to anyone who’s looking to have a great on-the-go snack option. It’s quick, easy, small list of ingredients, and hits the taste buds with all the right vibes! Ingredients: […]

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Drink Your Water, Girl!

12 Feb

The human body is approximately 60% water with muscles being about 75%. This means hydration is a crucial part of your training.  Water has many functions but a very important one is the lubrication of your entire body. Think of it as oil in your engine. Without enough water your workout will feel harder than […]

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Jenna’s Quick 20 Minute Leg Workout

03 Jan

Some days it can be hard to fit in a full workout to your schedule. That is why trainer Jenna put together this quick 20 minute leg workout. This is an effective workout that will get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and pump your muscles.   Quick Leg Workout 1 min.- Squat/Lunge Jumps […]

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Kristin’s Testimonial

03 Dec

My name is Kristin I had one goal – to lose 7 pounds within 2 months. Before joining Evolve Fitness my weight tended to stay the same. I never gained or lost pounds even being careful with my eating habits. Mid September 2018, a spontaneous trip to Walt Disney World was planned. That’s when I […]

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Rest Days

12 Nov

This month’s Trainer Blog, Samantha talks about the importance of taking those dreaded rest days! The 2 words that everyone gets scared to hear, Rest Day. People fear that taking rest days will stop your progress or make your weight go up. You might feel like your giving up if you take a day or […]

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11 Oct

This is such a common concern with a lot of people when they first start going to the gym. “I feel like everyone is looking at me!” “What if I am doing an exercise wrong and people make fun of me?” “I have no idea what to do, and all of the equipment is too […]

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Falling Off Track

25 Sep

I’m pretty sure all of us have been there at one point or another. Falling off track can really put us down and bring some crappy feelings. There are quite a few things that could be causing you to get off of your plan, let’s talk about the two most common reasons. You’re Doing Too […]

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