To All You Moms Out There

To All You Moms Out There
07 Oct

A message from Trainer Sam, to all the moms out there working hard, we see you, and you got this!

Hey ladies!!! I wanted to talk about something today that I hear way too often, which is “I am a working mom and never have time to workout”. This is something that gets said way too much because mamas it’s not true! Yes I totally understand working 40 plus hours a week and taking care of our families is exhausting BUT you need to make time for you! A healthy and happy mama means a happy and healthy family! 

I know about this topic all too well. I have gone from being able to be at the gym 24/7 to working 11-12 hours a day, and trust me some days my mom guilt is strong as I’m fitting in a quick workout. But how do I keep my mom guilt from taking over? I try to fit my me time in when my son is sleeping or when my husband is home. But, I also know a lot of us don’t have someone to watch our kids for us to be able to get to the gym and that’s totally fine! I look up to you mamas who are holding it all together on your own! With that you can include your kids into your workout!! Like going for a walk or a run, going to the park, having dance parties around the house. My ultimate favorite is when my son tries to do a squat or jumps up when I am jumping! You’re sweating and getting that workout in while they are laughing and having fun with you! 

It’s so easy to just get home from work throw those shoes off, take off that bra and chill out. But at the end of the day every single one of us always says we want to forever be able to chase our children around or grandchild around and that’s 100% possible when you put you and your health first each and everyday! Being a mama is hard and we have a lot on our plate but I promise you setting sometime aside for yourself will change everything for you mentally and your family!