20 Questions with Kendra

20 Questions with Kendra
25 Jul

If you are an early bird, you will see Kendra at Evolve teaching her 5:30am classes. Kendra is known for her intense hard hitting workouts that usually include a kettlebell. This is why here at Evolve, we call her the Kettlebell Queen 😉

To help our members get to know her better, we sent her a list of 20 random, fun questions to answer. We enjoyed reading them, and we hope you do too!

1.Where did you grow up? Kennebec, SD

2. Share one weird fact about yourself. I can cross one eye at a time.

3. If you could rename yourself, what name would you choose? I like my name. I feel it fits me.

4. How did you get into fitness? A past relationship

5. What is your favorite exercise to add into your classes? Turkish Get Ups

6. Name one fitness related goal that you have. To stay healthy as I age

7. Whats one thing you do for fun? Organize and rearrange things

8. If you could have one super power, what would it be? Flying could be cool or teleportation

9. What’s your favorite muscle group to work out? Ass

10. What was the last thing you ate? Egg sandwich

11. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Buttered poptarts

12. Summer, fall, winter or spring? Fall

13. What is your least favorite workout to do? Running

14. Are you a morning or a night person? Morning

15. How often to do workout a week? About 6 days

16. Do you have any nicknames? Ken or Miss Peppie

17. What kind of music do you like? All sorts. Depends on my mood

18. What type of fitness class is your favorite to teach? Lower body or kettlebell

19. How would you describe your fitness classes at Evolve for someone who has never went? Incorporates functional lifts with spme cardio

20. Name one goal for this year. To not lose my shit. To continue to do well in my master’s classes.