Benefits of Small Group Training

Benefits of Small Group Training
05 May

There are many benefits to training in a small group setting.  While one on one sessions with a trainer may give you just that, more one on one time, there are still many benefits to training in a small group.  Below is a list of 5 benefits to consider when thinking about small group training:

  1. Cost Effective – Small group training allows you to get the personal training experience at sometimes half the cost of one on one training.  
  2. Personalized – Even though you are in a group setting, training can still be personalized based on your personal goals.  Additionally, if you have an injuries, you are still able to communicate with your trainer and have them provide you with modifications so you do not injure yourself further.  Make sure if you do hurt yourself that you communicate this to your trainer. Never push through pain!
  3. Accountability – when you are in a small group setting, you get to know the other ladies that you work with, because you see each other on a regular basis.  It is a great way to stay accountable, because if you don’t show up one day, you can bet they will be joking with you when you return. I have a variety of ages that I train within the same groups.  I have a 62 year old and 26 year old in the same group. They laugh and joke together because they are there for one common goal, to better themselves, regardless of their age.
  4. Motivation – working out with other ladies can also help to motivate you. When you are feeling down or tired, but you see the lady next to you still pushing hard, that can oftentimes light a fire under your rear to get your butt moving!!
  5. Short training times – a lot can be accomplished in a 45 minute group session. You do not have to workout for two hours to get in a good workout.  Having others around to push you, along with a trainer there to push you, 45 minutes is about all that you need.

Evolve Fitness for Women is now enrolling for their Summer Shred program, which is a two times per week outdoor group training program for the months of June and July.  The early signup deadline is May 17th and is available to both members and non-members.  See the Evolve Website for more information or contact Keri Talcott at