Sarah’s Transformation

Sarah’s Transformation
08 Jun
Hey ladies, Sam here! So I wanna touch on the one reason a lot of us stop chasing our fitness goals or worse make us give up 100% and that’s STRESS and this stress could be a new job…boyfriend…friends…family…moving. So many things can bring on stress and make us either go backwards on our fitness journeys or just throw in the flag and give up. I want you all to meet my friend Sarah I am sure you have all seen her killing it at the gym but she has recently been hit by all stressors in life and I want her to explain how she is currently trying to not let those get in the way of her goals!

Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Twibell and I started my fitness journey about a year ago! I actually just celebrated my one year train-iversary 2 weeks ago on May 16, 2018! It took me quite a while to get into my routine of my new “fit life.” But once I got into my routine, I was unstoppable. I’m a RN and was working straight overnights and had my routine down pat. With working straight nights I would go home, sleep a few hours, then I had the whole rest of the day to workout and meal prep. I was working out six days a week, multiple times a day, and my food was on point. I would meet with my trainer Sam 3 days a week along with cycling and hot yoga. I got down to my lowest and leanest at -63 pounds and lifting heavier than I ever have, even setting new personal records for my squat and deadlift.

I decided it was time for a change though as far as jobs go and I went from working straight nights to straight days. That threw a huge curveball at me because now for three 12 hour days a week I couldn’t go to the gym to meal prep whenever I wanted too. I noticed my nutrition slipping and my workout routine took a hit as well. I was exhausted after my 12 hour day shift so that really only left me 2 solid days during the week along with weekends to get my workouts in. As my “mojo” was getting away from me I got hit with a huge health scare. I went weeks upon weeks waiting for doctors appointments and mammogram results to thankfully find out I do NOT have breast cancer but must still go through multiple tests due to my genetic history. The last thing I wanted to think about was my nutrition and working out.

On the other end of the spectrum, I got into a new relationship with an amazing guy who I know will be in my future for a long, long time. With this new journey, I can no longer be completely selfish like I used to be. There’s someone else in the picture now as a priority, but I wouldn’t change that for the world as I am so so so happy! With all these new life changes, some bad and some so good, I am now up 20lb from my lowest sitting at -43lb from my highest weight. My nutrition as been far from perfect. I wouldn’t even describe it as average and my workouts have been down to only working out during my three training sessions a week. I feel like I am back to square one as far as relearning my whole routine and what clean eating is again. I’m starting small again. I remember before that little victories added up to huge changes. I’m cutting out fast food again and learning to buy fresh groceries again. My goal is to get back to -55 to -60lb. That’s where I felt most confident but yet was living a lifestyle that was sustainable long term. I know my fight is still in me and I am determined to get back on track to being a healthier me and living my best life. You can’t have true success without mini failures. I’ve had failures before in my one year fitness journey but this has been my biggest setback yet. But the bigger the setback, the greater the comeback and I will come back swinging!