Immune System And Exercise

boost immune system
09 Mar

When we’re hit with the cold, the flu, or a life-changing illness, we’re reminded pretty quickly just how important the immune system is to our overall wellness. Unfortunately, there’s no single magic pill that will transform your immune system into a superhero. You can learn how to improve your immune system with exercise though! Simple […]

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Let’s Talk Fiber

16 Feb

Let’s talk about fiber, here’s the first surprising fact: It’s a carbohydrate. But not just any carbohydrate. Because it’s indigestible, fiber doesn’t affect your body the way other carbs do. Here’s the second surprising fact: There are two major types of fiber. Soluble fiber dissolves readily in water and turns into a gel upon digestion. […]

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MyZone Fitness Test

MyZone Fitness Test
03 Feb

You may have heard us discuss the importance of assessing our physical fitness, and we’ve shared at length about the importance of heart rate recovery. The MZ-Fitness Test makes assessing our heart rate recovery on a regular basis simple, both inside and outside the gym! The goal of the MZ-Fitness Test is to offer a […]

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Getting More Fit with MyZone

myzone girl in gym
12 Oct

We hope that you are experiencing the many benefits of working out with your MYZONE heart rate monitor belt, and we hope that one of those benefits is you feeling more fit! As you have probably noticed, as you become more fit, you feel more energized and vitalized.  You are able to complete the everyday tasks […]

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