New Year New You

New Year New You
10 Jan

New Year New You! 2022 is finally here and with that everyone is creating their “New Year’s Resolutions” in hopes that this year is the one they will stick to their goals. But more often than not, people have a difficult time keeping with their resolutions. Here is a guide on how to stick to your goals to make sure that 2022 is your year!

1. Specify Your Goals

First, create a specific goal. Don’t just stick with, lose weight or attend the gym more often. Decide on a specific goal such as, lose 10 pounds over a specified number of months or go to the gym four times a week. Creating a firm number will allow you to have something to gauge your success on.

4. Set Small Goals

When thinking of what you want to achieve for yourself, do not set large expectations for a short time period. Adjustments can always be made throughout the year! Start small, shoot for a small weight loss number by a certain date or reach for that new personal best lift by March. After you reach that goal, keep building on it throughout the year. 

3. Find your “Why”

You want to be able to understand why you want to better yourself. Whether it is for your personal health, children, or friends; we all have different motives that drive our desire to better ourselves. Look for your passion and look deeper into just “I want to do this for me”. Picking out specific factors will also narrow down what to work on, this connects to both of points one and two.

4. Start a Journal or Tracking Method

Oftentimes, it can be hard to track your success, and you may not realize the small changes that you have made. Daily tracking of your progress will allow you to see how far you’ve made it, even with the minor changes. Remember, your fitness journey does not solely involve your physical well being. Throughout the way, you should find ways to benefit your mental, emotional, and spiritual self as well. Finding our own way of tracking all of these factors with something such as a journal will be a way for you to keep your journey on track.

5. Create a Reward for Your Accomplishment

Whether it is a new gym outfit or that new weight belt you’ve been wanting; find something to reward yourself for your accomplishment. Finding something to drive your motivation will help you on those tough days. Although personal satisfaction will be rewarding in itself, rewarding yourself with a materialistic item will also 

No matter what your 2022 goal is, remember that you got this! Not everyone is going to have the same journey. Find the method that works for you! Resources are everywhere, whether it is the internet, books, or even others around you. Research and plan your path how it works with you and your lifestyle. 

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