Kristin’s Testimonial

Kristin’s Testimonial
03 Dec
My name is Kristin I had one goal – to lose 7 pounds within 2 months.

Before joining Evolve Fitness my weight tended to stay the same. I never gained or lost pounds even being careful with my eating habits. Mid September 2018, a spontaneous trip to Walt Disney World was planned. That’s when I decided to lose weight and get in shape.
I realized that I needed to join a fitness club and have a trainer. I joined Evolve Fitness and had Sam as my personal trainer. We discussed my goals on the first day and she said I could reach my target weight goal with no problem. I worked out 4-5 days a week, ate the right food and drank enough water. I did not see results right away, but Sam was not concerned as she mentioned each individual was different. I continued to see Sam twice a week and did cardio the other weekdays. We did different workouts each session and she would explain to me how to do the exercises correctly at my level. She also provided some tips/advice on what to do when not at the gym. Soon the pounds started coming off and my body was becoming toned.
I was at my target weight goal of 120lbs! On November 22, 2018 we flew to Florida and I was finally ready to come face to face with the Atlantic Ocean!
I would definitely recommend Evolve Fitness to anyone who needs help with their weight goals. Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and willpower to get the job done!