Total Body Burn:  Mixing workouts with weights, Kettlebell, and bands. This class will hit various muscle groups while working at speeds to increase cardio endurance.

Sweat & TreadThis innovative class gives you the best of both worlds – cardio and weights! Part treadmill, part bootcamp.

Morning Mix: This class is a mix of cardio and total body weight training to get your morning started right.

Glute Camp: Using a combination of bodyweight and equipment to sculpt, strengthen, and define your lower body.

Tabata Sculpt: This fast paced high-intensity training will have your blood pumping, heart rate climbing, and calories burning during and AFTER your workout.

Bells & Bands: A full body workout using kettlebells and resistance bands to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning!

PiYo: PiYo is a mix of pilates, which focuses on muscle and core building, and yoga, which focuses on strength and flexibility. This total-body workout is designed to strengthen small muscles(triceps, shoulders, biceps, calves) and large muscles (hamstrings, back, chest).

Extreme Sweat: Get ready to sweat and torch calories with a full body cardio blast and weights for that extra burn.

HIIT Pyramid: Intense interval training in a pyramid format with a combination of strength and cardio to build endurance and burn calories.

30 Minute Throwdown: This class will be a high to medium intensity interval training that gets in a quick, full-body burn. This class will utilize body weight, free weights, and resistance bands to build muscle strength while increasing endurance. Get ready to get your sweat on and burn some calories!

Noon Knockout: This mid-day class is a quick way to burn some calories in just 30 minutes. This full body workout will mix different types of bodyweight and weighted exercises to bring your heart rate up and give you a quick lunch break burn!!

Full Body Blaster: This MyZone Match class will burn calories with intervals and build strength with functional, weighted movements for the ultimate all-in-one workout.

Muscle Madness: This high intensity functional training class uses weights and bodyweight movements to raise your heart rate and build stamina.

Sweaty Saturday: Get ready to sweat and torch calories with a full body cardio blast and weights for that extra burn.

Total Body Toning: This high intensity class will push your heart rate up and in the fat burning zone to tone and sculpt your body.