Kellsie Hoffmann


Growing up playing sports and furthering into college volleyball, I have always had a passion for fitness and coaching. Now, after ending my career in volleyball I have gained a new passion for a consistent healthy lifestyle. Not only do I find this important for myself, but I want to share it with others a well.

As women it is not always easy to have the motivation to go to the gym and find our own passion for it. Personally, unless I was training for volleyball, I was not someone that stepped into the gym and felt comfortable, especially without a team. Thankfully, Evolved helped me outgrow this uncomfortable feeling and allowed me to grow my own passion for the gym along with a gym routine. I want to allow women to also feel empowered to come to the gym with their own “team” and feel comfortable.

Outside of the gym, you will find me coaching volleyball, spending time at the lake with family and friends, shopping or on a run.