Brook VerMeer

Personal Trainer/Owner
Brook VerMeer Personal Trainer Sioux Falls Evolve Fitness

Through my fitness journey, I discovered my passion to share that drive and motivation with those around me. I want to inspire and empower woman to through fitness and living a positive life. I welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your fitness journey and to help inspire you to live a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

Working together, we will discover your goals and you will receive a holistic plan tailored for you to achieve them. Through this, you’ll quickly find that we have the same end goal – which is to successfully achieve your fitness goals.

Outside of being a the owner of Evolve Fitness, a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Posing Coach, I am also a Bodybuilding Bikini Athlete. I share my beautiful life with my husband Travis, who is also a local business owner, and two rat terriers, Bailey and Shelby.

“Life beings at the end of your comfort zone.” Let’s begin together!

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  • 5th Place Bikini Open Bodybuilding – Omaha Naturals 2019
  • 4th Place Bikini Open Bodybuilding – Windy City Natural 2019
  • Bikini Body Building Novice Overall Winner – Windy City Natural 2019
  • 4th Place Bikini Bodybuilding – Clash of the Titans 2018
  • Fitposium March 2018 Pro of the Month