Amanda Tobin

Personal Trainer

Hey luvs!

Just a small-town gal from Mitchell, SD who found a deep passion for fitness and health after hitting my heaviest weight in 2013. I’ve had my fair share of “quick fixes”, diet pills, yo-yo dieting, overcoming eating disorders, extensive cardio, crash diets, and just recently recovered from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Through research and personal experimentation, I’ve learned what doesn’t work, the healthy ways to approach an active lifestyle and have found that simplicity truly means sustainability.

This journey has opened my heart to helping women live their best lives with a positive support system encouraging them every step of the way. It’s my goal to help you avoid the mishaps I endured and minimize frustration when it comes to lack of results or physical pain. Together, we can achieve your goals while you maintain a social life!

 In addition to personal training I work full-time, have a Pug named Pugsley Jay, a Bengal named Caly Mae, am continuing education through NASM with their CES course, and working hard towards stepping on stage for my first Bikini Competition this year.